The primary audience of iX Conference is enterprise buyers and enablers, and the positioning is as an enterprise ICT thought leadership event. This year's conference will help enterprise IT managers better understand how digital media technologies are transforming todays workplace, enabling management, staff and customers to communicate more effectively.
There's no doubt that the excitement over Google Video, YouTube, Second Life and other rich media applications will create demand for similar quality in your training, marketing communications, and channel management communications. As instant messaging has demonstrated, applications that consumers adopt will ultimately impact office IT usage. This conference will highlight the opportunities, and help you grasp the challenges of content management, video conferencing, and multimedia collaboration.
As the enterprise ICT landscape continues to be driven by consumerisation and commoditisation, your perspective must shift from Must I do it? to: How best to do it?, How do I get my Infrastructure ready for these applications?, What do I need to do to get there? and What does it cost to do it?
iX Conference 2007 will give you the necessary perspective, and provide you with an opportunity to connect with vendors and enablers who can help you address these strategic issues.
This year, our stellar lineup of speakers includes key voices from the digital media industry, and they will share many exciting presentations. Key evangelists from Google, Second Life, Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, and Kontiki will provide the audience with technology roadmaps, case studies and best practices. A number of breakout sessions are planned that will drill down into technical details.
Key topics include:

- Enterprise Digital Media - Beyond the Traditional Document
- Bringing Consumer Applications to the Corporate Desktop
- How Real is Second Life & What Does it Mean for My Business?
- Understanding Podcasting as Push Content Delivery
- Enterprise Streaming – A Practical Guide to Corporate Video & Conferencing

Seize the opportunity to learn from the industrys most prominent vendors and luminary speakers who will discuss how businesses can tap into the great potential offered in mass collaborative platforms, converged networks and creative partnerships for a winning competitive edge.
Join your colleagues from many disciplines, including Senior IT Executives from Financial Services, Government, Education, Logistics, Services Sector, Healthcare and other industries. It will be an opportunity for in-depth discussions, meaningful business exchange, successful collaboration and fruitful networking! If you're attending the EnterpriseIT show, please set aside time to attend iX Conference*.
* Note: iX Conference is held in conjunction with the EnterpriseIT tradeshow, and is a part of imbX (Infocomm Media Business Exchange), which includes the world-famous CommunicAsia telco show.
We invite you to be actively involved as a participant, speaker, sponsor or partner! For more information and to attend the event, please contact us:
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